The Knight’s War. More than two hundred years ago, the world was facing an enormous threat. The goverments of all world was about to unleash a nuclear conflict against themselves. The game power between the Kingdom of Remian and the Samera States dragged all the goverments from all nations to their demise. The fault of this was the control of one single thing. The Sciolux. An instrument that allowed to the ultimate knowledge. The structure of all the universe and all it’s past and future was there. And maybe even more. They fought and endless war until they came up to use the nuclear power. After the idea came up, the people of all nations raised for it’s use. They wanted to finish this war once and for all. Nobody knows what happened next. All the info were turned into dust. The same for humanity apparently. Infact what is sure is that the human population decresed to zero basically. Only a few survived. Our grandfathers were an example. I asked them what happened at the time. The only thing that they could tell about those times were written in a song:

“ Dragged again into the void, the Three Knight’s War started once more.

To battle against those who wanted to make One the All.

Eternally they will wait the One to be, as the All predicted.”

What was the meaning of this was unknown. The last survivor of those times is already gone now. I asked to my parents what was the meaning of it, but they didn’t know. For them it was just a shadow from an unknown past. I was very young when Madin, my grandfather passed away. My parents told me that he used to play it with his old friends that survived to those times in a specific date. The 6th of August of every year. Nobody knows why. But every year we play that song around a great fire to celebrate the past. My father used to say that even if we don’t know what happened, and more important, even if we don’t know the pain and the sorrow that made the humanity gone, we must rembember. We must cry for it. We were a small village back then. Me, Sol and Remi, our parents and other twenty people. We where like a family. We shared food together and we lived together. We were happy. Our social structure was very simple, that’s why it was easy to be that way. Someone could say that our way to live was some sort of communism. We didn’t know what is was communism back then. Even if their definitions was in the Neverbooks. The Neverbooks were something brought by our Grandfathers. It contaided all the Humanity knowledge from the past. Or so they told . Our village had only 3 books of the entire collection of the Neverbooks. Who wrote them was something beyond our knowledge, even for our Grandfathers. Apparently the Neverbook is supposed to contain ten thousand years of the Human Knowledge. It was absurd for me. Until I saw one of them. It was a gigantic book perfectly mainteined. I was five at the time. No one can read what is written in those books until the age of twenty five. And those who reads the books and finish them must go away from the village without revealing anything about them. This was absurd too. But it was written in the rules of the books. We always respected them because it rappresented the past. A past were no future was written for the village. Someone tried to stay. But eventually, they just disappeared. They also tried to explain what was written in the books, but they just kept disappearing the next morning. And nobody rembembered nothing about the books. After that, nobody tried to do that. I didn’t read the book at the time, I just saw them closed on the desk inside the Temple of Time. I was just about to, but they stopped me in doing just in time. After that, I decided to read them once I had the right age. I said to myself that that village wasn’t the place I belonged. I wanted to know what happened. In the three volume there was the story of Humanity as well. Not just it’s knowledge. It contained three thousand year of the human History. What the Humanity known about it’s history at least. The books ends at the turn of the Twentyfirst Century. Something which is very curious about it is the fact that apart from the Human history, at the end of every book there is a small text about what happened in the so-called Knight’s War. We knew so little back then. When I managed to read the books I also discovered another mistery. At the beginning of every book there was a setence .Theese senteces combined formed the songs of our village. The songs of our Grandfathers. This was absurd as well. If they read the Neverbook then why they didn’t disappear? Maybe they didn’t read the books, they just heard it from somewhere else. That would explain why they didn’t disappear, but it opens a lot of scenarios. But still our Grandfathers were those who brought the books, so they knew something else for sure. Who gave the books to them? Or where they found those books. And at last, the title of the collection. The Neverbook. Why this title? It’s because what is written inside can’t be used for creating anything, since is just a witness of a shadowy past? I don’t think that theese book where written by some random person. Who ever did this knew what he or she was doing. To be correct, a title for something is used to define in a specific or in a general way something. What the creator wanted to define with Neverbook in those books? Are there some elements which matches somehow to the word Neverbook? According our Grandfathers this Neverbook is about tenthousand years of story about Humanity. What does the word Neverbook have to do with this collection then? It doesn’t matches with the content, I belive that theese books have this name for a matter of events. They are connected to what happened twohundred years ago. They takes their name from something very particular that happened in that period. Or maybe even from before. It’s the best credible thing I could imagine about it. I still don’t know what does it mean yet. After my 25th birthday I started to study those books. Sol and Remi followed this path with me. They knew what they had to do after finishing the books. So we started together to understand the truth. It was fascianting. All the cultures of the world, all the knowledge and power they had, led to the destruction of humanity. For us it was just a fancy story. The emotional and the intellectual meaning of it was unknown to us. Their Gods and their ideals were unrealistic. The people of our village belive in Time and Space. In Nature and all the things that moved the world. They didn’t gave them an identity, or some qualities. The Wind, The Sun and the Moon and all things were just something that were. And their existance influced something else. So it was something to respect. We didn’t belive that they had some will. When we were scared about something, we prayed all the things that was. Because if the existance of something means the existance of an other thing, then even fear and death were created by something else. So when we couldn’t do anything about it, we prayed all the things hoping that we could change what they created. Not because they choose to change the fate of something. But because we belived that as things, we could have the chance to influence the course of all by just belive in them. To be short, for us everything happens for the existance of something else, so all the things that exist create something else, and we, as part of all things, could have also had the chance to create or to influence something else. We didn’t belive in the nothingness. Even death existed for us. The Universe is a chain that is created by itself for itself. Of course, since we belived that we as “things”could change something, with our brain and hands we tried to do what we want. That’s how we survived in the wild. Our Grandparents were masters of all things basically, they thought all they knew to our parents, who thaught to us as well. Now that I think about it, it’s strange that the only people that survived was those who knew everything. Maybe that was what it took to survive from the past. The teachings of the Grandparents were vital to survive. They taught us even to fight. They didn’t talk about guns or nuclear weapons and how to create them. We used swords, spears, bows, scythes and all this kind of things. Sol uses a spear to fight, Remi a sword and a bow, and I use two swords and a scythe. I started from the swords to practice. I was very skilled apparently with them. The problem was the scythe. When I asked to be trained for it my parents weren’t sure about it. My first scythe was heavy and difficult to master. And to coordinate all the three weapons together was hard. I almost killed myself into do it. But I had to. I needed to go outside of the village if I wanted to read the book. Nobody knew what lurked outside. Sometimes at night there was some stranges echoes coming from outside of the village that were very scary. We waited for a long time to go to the unknown world, and after we finished the books and finished our training we were ready to go. It was the 28th of March 2354. It was tradition the depart at dawn or at sunset. It was because in those moments the Sun and the Moon together could witness the end of our time in the village and the beginning of our journey. We decided to leave at dawn. We took what we could from the village: food, water from the well, some clothes, a tent made by ourselves, and other stuff. And our weapons of course. When we said goodbye to our parents and to all the village, we sang the song all togheter, and after that we stayed alone with our parents for a few minutes, my mother was carrying a bag. I didn’t know about this part. We were at the entrance of the village and they started to acting strange. They looked in their eyes at first. I was getting worried. Now that I think about it, I feel like it has been a century ago.

“My children. There is something you need to know before you leave. Those who leave the village must carry a task.” She started to get wierder so Remi’s father continued the speech:

“When you will achive this goal you can return to this village again. As you already know this village is called Hourson. But the real name is Zeitlos. From now on, you must call your home with this name. Remember this.” After that Sol’s father continued:

“The task that you must achive is to find the other Neverbooks and learn their knowledge.” Then my mother gave me the bag she was carrying, it contained 9 books all with one title, The Neverbook.

“Theese are just copies of the books, they were created by your Grandfathers for those who wanted to leave the village to understand.” said my mother. I was shocked. How they could do this? The books were very small, and the words written in the the books were short as well. There was 3 lens inside the book so that we could read. The originals had at least ten thousand pages. And this books were just a thousand. But the most odd part was the fact that the handwriting was perfect. There was no mistakes or some weird signs of anything. I looked Remi and Sol and they were suprised as well.

“How can this be even possible?” Sol said.

“ We don’t know, we were just told what this books contained and what do to about them, theese are for you.” Sol mother said.

“ But why you didn’t tell us from the beginning?” I said.

“ We lerned this after a certain time, when it was sure that we didn’t want to leave the Village, so we were told by our parents this truths, so that we could help those who wanted to leave.” Remi’s father replyed. I didn’t know what to say.


“Danneodit” My father said. “Theese are the rules of our Grandfathers, we told you everything we could.”

Danneodit. It was a word used to rembember to someone the importance of the rules and how we must respect them. I hated that word. I looked to my father’s eyes. He was sad.

“I understand.” I gave three books to Remi and three to Sol.

“It’s time to go” I said. “ Goodbye then, I hope we will see eachother again”

After this, the tradition wanted that our parents said goodbye to us by kissing our forehead, hands and the feet. And then turn around and walk away without esistations. When they turned around to go back to the village my father stopt for a second without turning in front of us.

“ What lies beyond this gate, must be unknown to this village. We must be sealed away in the time being. But if one day you will return here, there will be a tremendous change in this village. You will be tested again. You must decide again which ways to go, even if the outcome will be unknown. I will always stand for the safety of this village. This is my role here, this is what I choosed. When the time comes rembember, all of us must decide which role to play. There is no right or wrong in your decisions, if someone is against your decisions it’s because sometimes we have oppsites belives, and we want to fight for them because we think we are right. We cannot understand what is right or wrong, we can only express what we are. To belive that we are in right in what we are going to do next is the most natural thing in the world. We need to belive that what we are doing is for the best.” He then turned around, he looked angry and proud somehow: “So go. Go my Son. Go to see the world beyond, and learn everything from it. And don’t come back until you will understand what you really want, once you know the truth. Raise that scythe to shape the course of the world, or throw it away. Follow your belives until the very end. Your will is bounded by anything except you. Rembember that. Farewell.”

And with that he turned around and walked away. I didn’t know what think about that speech of his. I was thinking only about one thing. He knows more than me. That’s for sure.

I looked to Sol and Remi. Remi looked a bit pensive. Sol was staring on the ground silently. “Well then…Shall we?”. They looked surprised when I talked, it was like they forgot about me in that moment, and after that they smiled to me and then we hugged eachother.

“ We are going to make it, right? We will come back.

“Yes Remi we will, I don’t know why but I’m sure of it.”

“Are you scared Sol?”

“Yes, but it doesn’t matter. And you?”

“Yes, but I think that somehow we will make it. There are still a lot of mysteries going on. I have a strange feeling”

“ What ever happens, we will be together right?”

“Yes Remi, we will. No matter what.”

No matter what... It’s easy to make promises when you don’t know anything about the future. Back in the day I just wanted to protect them all. We were so curious about the journey ahead of us. I belived that from then on, they would have been my family, the people I cared the most.

It’s raining now.


Where are you?

I’m home at last. I know what to do now. I need to settle this thing up for good. I’ve seen the truth. Now I need to know, why the truth was the way it was. And you are the only one that can reveal this. Tell me Dad. Why you didn’t tell us the truth?

The Stars Are Shaped With Tears, And The Sun And The Moon Are Vanishing Again. Look To The Sky, See For Yourself The Endless Day Running For The Last Embrace.