I thought you were DIFFERENT

RAPE- Rape is a type of sexual assault usually involving sexual intercourse or other forms of sexual penetration perpetrated against a person without that person’s consent. “Without Consent.”

RAPE- Is Rape! Inside marriage, outside marriage, by a known person, by an unknown person, by family, by friends, by enemies. The trauma does not change. The pain is shattering. The mind shuts. The soul is scarred.

Touching me without my consent or entering my life without my consent, I do not approve.

I may be drunk, I may be happy, I may be hurt. I breathe the same air as you, I feel the heat of the Sun just like you. Love me, Embrace my soul. Do not tear through me. The needle that hurts you hurts me too. The armor of law that shields you shields me too.

These assaults you make on me, are something you would not want on you.

They say marital rape is legal. How? I wonder. Just because I knew you? Just because I chose to spend the rest of my life trusting you and hoping we could raise beautiful lives together and be the comfort for each other in this fast moving world?

We took vows together, sacred vows. Using those as an excuse for violating my body sexually, is not something I agreed upon then, and not something I will agree upon now.

If only I hadn’t said those words. If only, I hadn’t announced in front of the whole world. If only I hadn’t chosen you. Just because we chose to officiate our union legally, rape stops being rape? It becomes “personal matter” instead?

How can you categorize it? How does it become different? Being inside a closed door, knowing you it hurts more because I thought you’d be different.

I thought you were different!

By Purnima Ann Varghese