Politics In India

Politics is one of the recent outbreaks in the country and the fact that it is the most critical section of the society is one of the most prominent mark.

Indian politics right from the time of Rajendra Prasad to the likes of Narendra Modi has travelled a long distance.

There has been many interstices,doubts and unanswered questions.

Here I’m going to discuss about some recent outgoing changes in the country right now:

1. Rahul Gandhi goes abroad again but WHY DOES BJP CARES?

I’m concerned about dengue all over the country right now but the fact of Rahul Gandhi going abroad doesn’t piques my attention.In other it doesn’t even blips on my concern radar and I’m yet to figure out why BJP is so concerned about it.

I would like to know where Somnath Bharti is hiding but I don’t want to give a toss about where and why Rahul Gandhi is going whether be it Africa or The Amazon.

Seriously the BJP should get over it.The media can’t have enough of this guy.Even when it comes about negative publicity it is publicity it sticks him out.

As for the government willing to know where he is let me say this guy has got a z level security.You gave it to him,don’t you know?

2.Farmer suicides in Telangana:

The agragarian situation is grim there in Telangana.It is an understatement given the reality on ground.Over the last 10 days 100 debt ridden farmers have commited suicide.Unofficial sources have put up a much higher number.

Scanty rainfall,less power available for pumps,poor irrigation facilities and loans from money lenders have aggravated it altogether.

Experts feel that the loan waiver policies have aggravated this crisis.

The policies have been weaved out in such a manner that it has caused them to go to the clutches of the moneylenders.

The farm loan upto 1 lac doesn’t attracts any interest if cleared in time however it costs around 12 percent or more when the crop season ends.If the payment period extends to more than 3 crop seasons the percentage is highered upto 14 percent.

The complacency on the part of the government is not reacting on time to take the stock of drought and crop failure.

A sum of 6 lacs have been given out by the government to the families of farmers who have died but then it would be a more purpose measure if it concentrated more on the skewed loan waiver policy. With such backdrops in the political background will India continue to survive?

Are you choosing the right person in the election polls? The question is known and yet unknown to many.

Rasesh Dhar
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