“Government doesn’t care about the views of people like me,” people often say in surveys. And undoubtedly they believe it to be true.
But that pessimistic view is wrong. The systematic evidence of broad opinion movements and government policy-making shows a strong connection between them. When public opinion changes, demanding for example more or less government, government responds in the demanded direction. And it does so quickly.
As is the case with so many big changes in modern society, many either credit or blame technology for the emergence of public opinion polling. The advent of inexpensive computing and low-cost communications was central to the rise in prominence of polls. As late as the 1960s most public opinion surveys were conducted by personal interviews. But now new different forms of public opinions are here like Internet surveys.

Everyone has a sovereign right to voice their opinion. Hence, Opinia360 is for everyone. There is where opinia360 comes up. We all have something to say about. , question about some issues. But many times we can’t get chance to raise our voice. So here at opinia360 we raise questions regarding current situations or the issues that should be talked about.
So ; “ All that you have to do is take few seconds our from your busy schedule and one thoughtful decision “.

Mansi Jain
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