The Great App-splosion

Mobile devices have become a necessity in today’s world, and almost everyone has a mobile device or access to one. They have made the world accessible and communication convenient, all at the touch of a button. Various aspects of people’s lives can be represented by an application on a mobile device. These applications range from the meal plans to the scheduled appointments. By using a mobile device, one can now browse through a catalogue, order the items they want and make payments. This has made it easier for clients to access products from anywhere around the world.

Thanks to technology and applications, identity has taken more concrete characteristics such as passwords, secret identification numbers. Technology has a price, and the ultimate price of an identity is that it can be stolen. To target identity thefts, biometric solutions are being implemented worldwide.

But, the future of mobile may not look like apps, the web we know is about to fundamentally changed. As a web luminary says, ‘Get ready for the push-based future’. The current Web is “pull-based,” meaning we visit websites or download mobile applications. The future of the Web is “push-based,” meaning the Web will be coming to us. In the next 10 years, we will witness a transformation from a pull-based Web to a push-based Web. When this “Big Reverse” is complete, the Web will disappear into the background much like our electricity or water supply. In the future, content, products and services will find you, rather than you having to find them. The dominant function of the Web is to let us know what is happening or what is relevant, rather than us having to find out. In a world where notifications are full experiences in and of themselves, the screen of app icons makes less and less sense. Apps as destinations makes less and less sense.

Soon the technology we have now will be considered antiques and no longer be used anywhere. Innovations will continue to spur change all over the technology.

Oshin Lamba
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