What is Opinia 360?

Opinia 360 is a basically an application that connects the masses.
It helps to convey the ideas of the people and make them reach the government so that they get to come across a platform which provides them feedbacks no matter how small it is in direct and quantitative form from the people they were elected.
After registering online or downloading the article you will enter the digital world of people sharing the same opinions.
The site consists a set of pertinent questions with a string of possible resolutions that can be taken about it.So all you need to do is to go,take a look and stall in your opinion thus broadening your horizon with like minded people.
People have actively responded so far.It is a challenge getting people talking on serious issues but experts feels it would be a revelation process for them.
Out of 440 people who have downloaded the online app 540 people have registered online.
With the aim of making a concrete change and making every opinion count Opinia 360 has come a long way in bringing a change.
This application basically consists of issue based question which indulges people to come out of their comfort zone and answer them, but sadly such mental exercises are not preferred by many.
Still efforts are being made to improve upon it.

It’s a self-funded organisation and doesn’t indulges in official marketing.

Rasesh Dhar
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