Who really needs Reservation?

Reservation -The Definition

1. The action of reserving something.

“The reservation of positions of minorities”

2. The arrangement whereby something, especially a seat or room is reserved for a particular person.

“ do you have reservations? “

So, lemme introduce you to some rare species of India.

A khap panchayat leader, who respects women and has also sent his daughter tothe same school that of his son. Oh my god !!!! I wish He gets forward reservation.

The fashion model who is usually found in fashion shows or on the magazine cover ; can read.

Iska toh special entitlement banta hai boss!!

A south Indian, with pure Hindi accent; you’ll call this kind of people minority or not??

The non veg gujju Bhai who likes to have his butter chicken with daru! You need to frame this kind of people.

The expert woman driver; such a rare breed.

Left handed people!! How do they work normally? There are lots of questions, but its okay. They are special species. They obviously deserve reservation.

The shant aunties can’t be found everywhere. So you need to save them.

So these people are minorities. Now they deserve reservation or ; sc/St / obc’s deserve one??

Reservation in India where percentage of seats are reserved in the public sector units, unions and state civil services , Union and state government departments and in all public and private educational institutions. The policy is also in the Parliament of India.

Reservation has been made to bring unprivileged classes at par with general ones . there are numerous reservations. Though reservation system in India is an evident discrimination, but it had been started with a objective. But fast forwarding the situations; the meaning and the way it has been taken by the people had left many of us to believe that it has stopped delivering for what it was made. There are many examples of people making false documents to get set. This leaves more eligible candidate. THEN “WHAT IS THE NEED OF HAVING SUCH QUOTAS” where govt. Cannot have foolproof system.

We today new generation have forgotten the castism. However this quota system reminds us and keep on asking people their caste. If we have to take our county to next level then we need to leave this caste system and help people who really deserve this.

So these were my views on who really deserve reservation.So reserve your seats if you’re general and a male candidate. Because.. Yeh bharat hai mere dost yahan kuch bhi jaldi khatam nhi hoga.!

Mansi Jain
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