How to Have Successful Weeks, One After Another?

If we really break down our time spent in this world, it comes down to the days, weeks, months and year. So the natural question comes to mind is, how do we spend our time? That’s really what determines what we accomplish over a period of time.

A great way to stay on track is to know how we spend the weeks that go by in our lives. With the aim to live each week better than the passing ones, we are sure to develop effective habits that will make a huge impact in the long run.

So in this blog, I’d like to share a strategy that I use personally to organise my weeks. I’ve found that not having a system to plan my week tends to leave me overwhelmed with thoughts about things that I need to get done. Or sometimes leaves me floating and wasting previous time. On the flip side, having an adequate planning mechanism keeps me more in control, mentally relaxed and clearer in focusing on priorities.

With that here is how to have successful weeks one after another? The first thing I do is write to down all the projects that I have to achieve.

The first thing I do is write to down all the projects that I have to achieve. Simply write down all you want to accomplish, regardless of the timelines. These can be in the upcoming months, weeks or even years. But just write them down in a list form. After that take a blank piece of paper for each project and plan out how this should roll out.

This could be in terms or diagrams, flowcharts or tables. Any format the gives you a clearer picture of how things have to be achieved. This is a rough draft however and can be tweaked as you learn along the process. The idea is to have a plan drafted as to how you will implement and achieve your desired outcome.

Once you’re done, simply put all your project outlines on a bullet board or somewhere you could see them. Put it somewhere that you would glance on a daily basis. It’ll serve as a reminder of your projects. Feel free to mark any areas of the projects that have been completed successfully.

From this board, all you have to do is, at the beginning of the week, write down all the tasks that you need to do within the week. These can be written in order of priority. Pick any day of the week to start off and stick to it as the beginning of the week.

Take a diary or notebook that you can carry with yourself and schedule all the weekly tasks by days. During the day, open your diary and look through what you have to complete. I’ve found that as I keep doing this, I have no excuse for wasting time. The tasks that have to be accomplished are always in front of me. So the next time, the thoughts of watching TV or YouTube videos comes to my mind, they’re brushed away with what I have to do instead. It creates a mental conflict making me more devoted to my projects and goals set forth.

However, keep in mind that each day does not have to be perfect. If you’re unable to achieve some of the tasks that you have planned, simply think of having a better day next time and continue the process. The main aim is to keep moving forwards considering that not all days are going to be the same. Some will be not so productive and other will be super productive and you will feel great about them.

Keep moving forwards day after day and week after week trying to have better days and weeks than the previous ones. I’ve found that I’m able to stay much more consistent and am able to achieve a lot more by doing this exercise.

Give this a try for a month or two and see how this rolls out for you. Without a planning mechanism, it’s easy to get carried away in futile pursuits. Planning my weeks this way keeps me more accountable to myself.

To summarise, write down your projects and stick them on a bulletin board where you can see them every day. Try to put these in a diagrammatic form that allows you to think visually about your goals. After that maintain a diary, and schedule the tasks by days in a week. Making these a priority that needs to be accomplished for your projects. Review and work through them on a daily basis. Before you know it you’ll be having more productive weeks after weeks and will soon be accomplishing more than you could imagine.

Please leave a comment or share this post should you find this to be useful. Try it and I promise you will certainly get the best out of you passing weeks.

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