Wrestling with imposter syndrome is no fun. It feels like you’re in an endless cycle of self doubt. It doesn’t have to be though. What I’ve realized is that contributing to open source projects is a really productive way for me to keep my sanity.


In this blog post, I’ll share how I got involved with an open source project at Ruby for Good 2019. I’ll share how I contributed to and benefited from the project. Finally, I’ll share the potential benefits the project’s stakeholders will get as a result of my team’s work.

What is Ruby for Good?

Ruby for Good is an annual…


Imagine you’re a sales rep. You need to organize the steps you’ll take to make a sale. Think emails, phone calls and more.

You’d want to use one of SalesLoft’s most popular features, a Cadence, to manage this process in an organized way. How do you know if your Cadence is effective? A more recent feature called Cadence Analytics showcases a ton of data to help you answer that question.

A few months ago, I had the opportunity to collaborate with the software engineers that built Cadence Analytics. The team wanted me to use a Rails Active Record migration to…


I’m a support engineer at SalesLoft. Day to day, I troubleshoot problems in the app. I also get to write code with our product delivery teams. This is my favorite part of the role because about a year ago, I graduated from a coding bootcamp with zero experience writing code on the job.

There are tons of benefits that come with collaborating with product delivery teams. I always gain a new level of understanding about Ruby and Rails, writing tests, using Git and deploying code. …

A few of my coworkers and I are reading reading Grokking Algorithms, by Aditya Y. Bhargava. I can’t recommend this book enough. It introduces data structures and algorithms very well. In each chapter Bhargava implements an algorithm in python code. I figured it would be a great learning opportunity for me to do the same in ruby! Note, this is not a tutorial, just me sharing my takeaways from writing the code.


In this blog post, I’ll briefly explain what breadth-first-search is. I’ll also share my takeaways from writing the algorithm in ruby. I’ll approach one of the exercises described…

Photo by Clément H on Unsplash

Six years after I graduated college, you’d be surprised how excited I was to land an internship. I spent months taking online web development classes until I finally decided to enroll in a pricey six month coding bootcamp.

The payoff finally arrived when I joined Juice Analytics as a front-end development paid intern.

By week one, my development environment was set up. By week two, I had an introduction to the code base. By week three, I was part of a sprint with my first bug ticket to solve.

While interviewing for this internship I was asked, “How would you…

I signed up for the Women Who Code Atlanta Hackathon as a gift to myself. My birthday was two days before. At the time I was almost half way through a six month long coding bootcamp that was (and still is) kicking my butt. I wanted to prove to myself that I knew enough about coding to build something from nothing.

Day One

I walked into a busy conference room full of strangers, backpacks thrown on the floor, laptops on tables.

Once everyone was settled, it was time to pitch ideas and join a team. Each idea was written on…

At the beginning of my yoga class the instructor tells us to close our eyes and set an intention. I take a deep breath and think of one… Make it through this entire session without stopping for a break. Ten minutes later, I’m standing in warrior II pose and my legs are on fire! For nearly every pose we move through, the yoga instructor offers a variation that puts less stress on the body. During the most intense parts, she welcomes us to take a child’s pose. Stubborn, I disregard the invitation to rest and push through. …

My semi-annual performance review was coming up. Although I didn’t have all the details, I knew that for 90 minutes we would likely discuss my achievements, where I had room for improvement, and — dun, dun, dun — salary.

Lessons learned

Feedback at my company is not an uncommon thing. Since joining Riskalyze, I’ve moved beyond learning the ropes to assuming more responsibility. This has opened the door to plenty of feedback.

  • While offering phone support to financial advisors, I need to be more confident. Customers don’t like uncertainty, especially when it’s in your voice.
  • Each time I report a bug to…

One year ago I was living in Washington, DC and the thrill of being on my own for the first time after college was fading fast. I had a growing sense of boredom at work and a pile of student loan debt staring me down. I was unhappy and looking for ways to start anew.

In the midst of my restlessness, I found solace and inspiration at a Meetup group. Every Monday after work, I headed to Women Who Code DC’s Front End Hack Night. I loved these gatherings for the supportive introduction to coding they offered (and free pizza…


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