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What is Ruby for Good?

The project I got involved with

How I helped

  • Setup instructions: My first pull request improved documentation so future contributors will have an easier time getting started with the development process.
  • User model and authentication: I teamed up with a partner, Monique Caraballo, on this one. Together we walked through documentation on how to set up a user model and implement the Devise gem to authenticate application users.
  • User email confirmation: In a different pull request I built a custom mailer that extends from the Devise Mailer module. Now, when a user signs up they’ll receive a welcome email.
  • CRUD: I created a new resource called MembershipTypes along with standard create, read, update and delete (crud) actions in its controller.
  • Authorized views: I used a gem called Pundit and implemented classes that “policed” or authorized certain views in the app for designated users. For example, an admin or volunteer member can view a page that lists all users. A regular user isn’t able to do the same.
  • Download a CSV of users: In another pull request, I introduced a way for admins and users to download a CSV of all users. This was accomplished by using the respond_to helper method in the User controller which helps us return the user data in a CSV format.






Software engineer | My mom makes the best empanadas you'll ever taste

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Software engineer | My mom makes the best empanadas you'll ever taste

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