Unexpected Journey

David Bekhour
Jun 19, 2016 · 1 min read

four scoops of medium roast establish the rhythm of the day check-in in time to check out four hundred calories at half past noon

life can become a long checklist of deferred dreams nourished by that strong desire for more things the cyclical back and forth silently soothing

abruptly displaced in the brightest moments easily distinguished by fresh emotion molding the stories shared with friends — and grandchildren the chance meeting of something more

the unexpected smile the unplanned love or sudden loss all things unforeseen cutting a billion different paths the unexpected journey a towering banner flown over us all

David Bekhour is a freelance writer and the founder of TripleDigitLove.com. Get to him on Twitter @optimisticgrin.

David Bekhour

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Attorney by training. Adonis by nature. Writer by choice. Founder of the Vocal 53.9%.