3 realizations made while stepping away from my passion.

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For a long time, I surrounded myself with writing advice that looked like this,

“If you don’t write every single day, you will fail.”

“If you want to be successful, you can’t watch Netflix.”

“You aren’t trying if you don’t wake up at 5:00 AM every morning to write an entire draft from scratch.”

I’m paraphrasing, but you get the idea.

If you look for it, you’ll find an avalanche of lessons on how to be a successful writer, but frankly, most of it can create a pretty toxic relationship with your passion.

And that is precisely where this advice took me. In my writing journey, I eventually got to the point where I would check the stats of my articles every day, in a desperate attempt to fulfill some void of unattainable success. …

Transitioning a relationship from hot and heavy to serious and scary.

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Little compares to the feeling of starting a new relationship, I recently thought to myself as I caught up with a good friend telling me about the best first date of their life.

It’s a time when you are utterly crazy about each other, and everything feels new, yet naturally comfortable. All you want to do is tell your friends how amazing this person is, and you spend long hours of the night learning everything about them.

Sure, new relationships have speedbumps along the way, and I don’t want to go off idealizing the start of any relationship as perfect. …

Why no technique will truly ease loneliness

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Have you heard this before?

Hey guys, [Chet] here. Today I wanna let you in on a little secret, and that’s how to get a beautiful woman to be your girlfriend! I was like you once, tired of girls telling me I wasn’t good enough to be with them.

Haha, I’m relatable and I get it! Anyway, eventually I got sick of rejection, so I constructed the perfect step-by-step system to make beautiful women obsess over me.

It’s all about being one step ahead of her fellas….

Multiple times I’ve heard this pitch, and can I be the first to say, blah. …


Thom Gallet

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