Working the night shift has been tough, fighting the zombies at night, doing my best to stay active, productive, while balancing out my work, school, and Investing life. I’m just happy It’s Friday today, with life being so busy, I do my best to balance out everything. I like to write to help with my sleeplessness.

I can’t sleep at night because dreams keep me up, My determination for success is in reach, yet I strive everyday to get me closer to my dreams.

Life has me thinking like I never thought, The internet has opened up so many door ways to information. I remember asking my dad to get AOL so i can just surf the web.

The road ahead is a new beginning, I strive everyday for Excellence, The sleep can wait, Living in the moment, letting go of what doesn’t support me. Learning to rebuild myself up.

I can’t sleep because dreams keep me up, Now that I am up, Its time to live up to those dreams, and take action towards the goal. No matter how small, one step will lead closer. Believe in yourself, Because I do.