5 keys to make your partnerships more effective

Companies have discovered that forming partnerships is the best approach to address sustainability challenges. According to a 2015 report, 90% of executives recognized the importance of sustainability collaboration, but only 47% of their organisations actually involved in these kind of partnerships. To ensure the success of these collaborations, there are a few things you should ask yourself:

I. Why do I want to collaborate?

Partnerships are there to reach goals that you would not be able to achieve on your own. To ensure the success of your collaboration, you need to see the bigger picture and define what this will bring both for you and your potential partner. That was the purpose of ENGIE when they joined a community with more than 136 partners to fight for building a better place to live.

II. What do WE want to achieve?

You and your partner need to look into the same direction and share the same objectives. Try to find organisations that share the same goals and that are involved in the same causes as you. L’Oréal is a real example in terms of achievements with its sustainability programme scheduled until 2020.

III. Who is going to take the lead?

You have to find the right person to give him/her the leadership of your project. He/She has to be involved, to understand all the challenges included in your company and to make your employees engaged in the project. That is why BMW launched a new format of discussion, enabling their stakeholders to share their opinion and bring ideas closer to the needs and expectations of their customers.

IV. How are you going to define the success?

Collaborations are a way to create success through new creative partnerships: by joining other communities, you share ideas and it can help you inspiring your future. That’s what our customers such as ENGIE, L’Oréal or BMW do in order to create a better place.

V. Are we using right tools to form successful partnerships?

Optimy can bring you closer to achieving successful sustainability collaborations. Our software helps you to compare potential candidates based on your own set of criteria. This will simplify the decision process and help you align your organisation’s objectives with those of your future partner. Optimy is about collaborating and communicating. Its collaboration tools and messaging system will allow you to easily manage your projects in a team consisting of people within and outside of your organisation to achieve the best possible results.

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