INFOGRAPHIC: 6 Secrets To Successful Sponsorships

Sponsorships in 2016 and the years to come are expected to go viral worldwide. And why not? They typically make managers feel good since they often succeed better than expected. However, in some cases sponsorship activities deliver less than the optimal results, leaving many wondering how to utilize their sponsorships and partnerships to increase marketing value.

Firstly, you clearly have to define your objectives and identify your equity opportunity, meaning the space you can actually “own”. Then make sure your partner’s equity matches with your sponsorship strategy and that this partnership will bring you to the key target, and will reinforce what you stand for. Just be careful, use the value you bring to the table to negotiate opportunities, otherwise you may overpay! Don’t forget to look for ways to activate the sponsorship across all relevant channels and utilize the sponsorship to create value and drive key behavior. By doing this you can also activate your sales force, retailers and internal departments — all of which add ROI! Last but not least, capture data and measure your results. After having all this done, you’ll clearly see how this system of activities have been a major push for improving your sponsorship ROI moving forward.

Having said the above, sponsorships done properly can offer some horizons you’ve only dreamt about before. It does so by working on people’s passions allowing them to activate and motivate the customer behavior. There is now an easier way to make sure that you do find the right match above all your chosen criteria and unlock the power to build passion for your brand. It is called — Optimy. It’s a cloud-based software that helps more than 160 global brands leverage the power of data by helping then save time by selecting, managing, assessing and auditing their sponsorship activities.

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There are clear objectives, identified equity opportunities and so much more to learn about.