Start writing React native for web with react-native-web 📱💻 ⚛️

TL;DR: I published a new version of create-react-native-web-app a few weeks ago and I am publishing new versions when possible with new features

In order to use the power of React Native 💪 you don’t have to learn much as a React developer today. You don’t even need to use phones 🙈. You can use React Native for Web 😍(react-native-web) from Nicolas Gallagher ⭐️.

Since I started using the react-native-web, I saw a lot of good boilerplates 👀, but I didn’t see a CLI tool like create-react-app and create-react-native-app around. Even though the tools and libraries like react-native-vector-icons ( have support for react-native-web and many others so that you could build your react native web app with enough tools for production.

Therefor, shortly after i had my first boilerplate at work, I decided to open source it 🎉. A few months after, I released 🙌 create-react-native-web-app 🙌 to enable React developers to start with React Native for Web and explore the possibilities of writing one line of code for 3 platforms (maybe more in the future.. electron.. 😉).

The usage of the package is fairly simple as you would use the other major react project CLI.

You simply run:

npx create-react-native-web-app myApp


npm i create-react-native-web-app
create-react-native-web-app myApp

And it creates the boilerplate for you and you can run each environment for development and eventually deploy to the Play Store, App Store 🙉 or to the web very easily with the instructions available online 😻.

The dream 💭 of writing one line of code that would run everywhere ♻️ is not that far from our reach and in moments when you need to write platform specific code it is very much possible with the React Native tools and the React Native for Web tools that are available to even create HTML elements only for Web:

Knowing which Environment/Platform you are on is not that hard either:

The main Transition for me as a Web Developer 👷 was to aim myself to write Application code instead of Web specific code and to switch from focusing on which HTML tags i select to focusing on what my app needs to do and show.

You learn to adjust to these changes and to adapt to your application needs, whether it is libraries that don’t use HTML tags or to link native libraries to Xcode or Android Studio.

I encourage you to try it out and see the benefits of writing React Native for Web :)

Npm link:

Many thanks to Nicolas Gallagher ❤️ for creating and maintaining this great library/tool/platform

Just like every other repository on Github, I would appreciate Pull Requests, Stars and whatever way you would like to contribute and help our community discover new platform they can develop to and reach. I hope you enjoy the experience as I do daily :)