TL;DR website with short guides to get started with software and building web

I often see many people trying to learn how software works, how to get started with building a website. As I tried many times to give resources myself, I found that most guides/tutorials/books dive way too deep in my opinion when most people might just want to change a color or move an element on the screen and have fun :)

If you had a private teacher or you worked as a private teacher, you know that they (or you) usually skip a lot of material…

I wanted to share about our group called the Coopreneurs. We start and own ventures together, sharing the efforts and the rewards 🙌.



I’m a tech guy 👨‍💻 who mainly works with software 💻(you can see from my other articles). Many times I found myself with a project that I want to grow to a venture to improve my life and other people who have a similar need. I like solving problems and interesting solutions that click and then grow and expand to more ideas 😀💡.

My entrepreneur experience 📉

I have tried to setup my own venture a few times. While my own…

Many people ask a lot about how to learn X (language/framework/library). Many people also answer the same answer again and again: make a project.

I want to elaborate in this article about what that answer means, how to learn and why this is the right answer.

Why learn something new?

Initially you have a reason that you want to learn X. Whether it is to put on your CV or to know more about it or to use it or any other reason you might have.

First you should make a plan to fullfil that need: new framework => to get a new job.


jstates: the core state library jstates-react: A Reactjs subscribe function for jstates

A simple (one file ☝️), small (less than 800B 🙉), extendable ♻️, and most of all 👀 understandable, JavaScript state library and in addition a Reactjs❤️ subscribe function to use as a HOC (Higher Order Component) without context complications.

Why another state library? 😒

There are many great state libraries for react and JavaScript in general (for example: redux, mobx, unstated and more…). So why create another one? 😏

Oh god, here we go again

I wanted to have the simplest, most clear and usable solution I could think of.

I want to share with you my journey to open source in the JavaScript programming community.

The beginning 🕑

Since I started writing code 🚶 I learned open source tools that made my life easier so that I didn’t need to learn every specific implementation technique 📚 for every special feature I wanted to create 🙇.

After a while, I realised the open source projects live in Github ❤️ and are relatively open for the users to understand how they work and also to user input and contributions from code to documentation assistance.

It seemed too intimidating to contribute directly 🙉 and took…

TL;DR: I published a new version of create-react-native-web-app a few weeks ago and I am publishing new versions when possible with new features

In order to use the power of React Native 💪 you don’t have to learn much as a React developer today. You don’t even need to use phones 🙈. You can use React Native for Web 😍(react-native-web) from Nicolas Gallagher ⭐️.

Since I started using the react-native-web, I saw a lot of good boilerplates 👀, but I didn’t see a CLI tool like create-react-app and create-react-native-app around. Even though the tools and libraries like react-native-vector-icons…


Update: I wrote a new cli tool to get you up and running with react-native-web in no time.

create-react-native-web-app 🎉🎉🚀


When I joined my last company, they had a specific request for me, to build a shared components and business logic frontend app for IOS, Android and Web. Since I’m a frontend developer who loves new areas, I couldn’t say no and I had to jump at the opportunity.

We are a bit lucky 🍀. Since our product doesn’t need to support many web-specific features, we are able to develop an app with a subset of tools…

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