OracleChain Weekly Report 23.7–29.7

Top News

[OracleChain will launch the “OracleChain Weekly” video live show]

“ OracleChain Weekly “ theme live show is coming! Starting from this week, the OracleChain Chinese community will launch a “ OracleChain Weekly “ video live broadcast event, Anita will host the broadcast and the developers from OracleChain will talk about the weekly news and development progresses, During the live broadcast, lucky the respondents will also get free OCT rewards. PS: The live-show will be in Chinese.

[The CEO of OracleChain Dr. Harvey accepts Wuliu financial interviews]

On July 24th, the founder and CEO of the OracleChain, Dr.Harvey accepts interviews from Wuliu financial, Harvey talked about the bustling of the public chain,the exchanges and where exactly is the application value of blockchain?

Harvey thinks that EOS is the third milestone in the world of blockchain, and the infinite prospect lies in the application of ecological construction. Regarding the application ecology, in the long run, decentralized exchanges will be an opportunity for the future. The virtual currency anchored with the legal tender will be circulated on the decentralized exchange. In the short term, games and other applications will eventually take the lead.


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