OracleChain Weekly Report 3rd September–9nd September

Development progress

[PocketEos provides abundant interface and functions for mobile Dapp]

The PocketEOS development team focused on the Dapp and wallet data exchange protocols and conducted a series of development work. As for now, Pocket EOS provided the abundant interface and functions for the mobile Dapp, which has certain advantages compared with the related protocols.
Adhering to the spirit of the EOS community’s openness and cooperation, PocketEOS has contacted developers of some protocols and actively promoted access protocols with more features and ease of use, benefiting all wallets and Dapp developers.

[PocketEOS tries to be fully compatible with the Satter protocol]

PocketEOS recognizes that in addition to the mobile Dapp, there are many developers who focus on the desktop Dapp and have introduced some new and interesting products. Most of these Dapp and wallet interactions follow the scatter standard, which is currently the most mature web wallet standard.
However, the Scatter wallet does not have a mobile client. If users wanted to use these Dapps, they need to import the private key again in the PC browser and bear the security risks.
In order to make it easier for mobile users to access the EOS ecosystem, Pocket EOS is fully compatible with the Scatter protocol and has completed the core development work.

EOS Ecological Contribution

[The node of OracleChain updated to 1.2.4]

The node of OracleChain updated to 1.2.4. The whole node provides more than 80G traffic services to the community every day, and is ranked 30th on September 10.

[EOSDevHelper Update]

Improve the Mac version of the tool, including a complete interface, repair the crash of the push module; add a Row limit item to the table module to facilitate querying the data on the chain.

OracleChain Headline

[OracleChain was invited to participate in the China Information and Communication Institute’s “Blockchain White Paper (2018)” conference]

On the afternoon of September 5, 2018, OracleChain, as one of the trusted blockchain management units, participated in the China Information and Communication Institute’s “Blockchain White Paper (2018)” conference, said Dr. Tan Zhiyong, co-founder and chief scientist of the OracleChain. I am honored to contribute to this conference.

[OCT Landing ET Exchange]

September 5th 18:00 OCT has officially launched on ET decentralized exchange platform and opens the OCT/EOS transaction pair.

Up to now, OCT has landed on 10 trading platforms.