Eponymous Laws as Persuasion Tools and Other Tricks for Robbing Walmart
Ryan Shmeizer

when discussing..

issues of bias against people, all that’s really said is dont say (xxx) because it halts conversation. even if its true they are.

I DEFINITELY am aware of people that throw the term “racist” around to get their way/because they didn’t get their way. But its not always the affected ones who do it. I’m no SJW: I’m not pissed at my semi-racist dad, I didn’t get bullied by rednecks to the point that i’ll join anything that i think is against them, I realize why one shouldn’t label racist just because it involves a minorities race. but given that it is a life-defining reality for people both institutionally and socially however, i feel like a positive way to handle it should be explained.

if not explained, I, at very least, just wanted to make alternate ways to view that situation is known.