McGrupp the Shining Star of Everything Basset

Meet my beautiful basset hound, McGrupp. He has been a shining star since day 1 of bringing him home. He was on the auto-train plan for becoming housebroken. During his younger years, he sure was full of energy for a basset hound.

Since then, he has calmed down considerably and turned into a lion of dog. He is a pure bred basset hound from Georgia. His basset features are very prominent, massive ears, long body, low to the ground and thick muscles. Everything you could ever want in a basset.

He used to be a big cry baby, but now he is true gentleman’s dog. Whenever he needs something, he politely asks by telling us with a quick bark. The first few years of his life, we lived alone but together.

This didn’t work out because he needs other dogs in his life. When I first started traveling, I had to make one of the hardest decisions of my life. It was time to give him to my mom where he could live happily with the other dogs and my loving mother.

The decision ended up being a great one because now he is as happy as a pig in you know what. Every time I get to visit home, it is always incredibly epic to see this man.

In this photo, we had him out on a long walk. On the way back, he started dragging up the hill. Basset hounds aren’t really built for long walks like these. That’s when I threw him over my shoulder to give him a much needed breather.

I used to hold him a lot when he was a puppy. He loves when I pick him up, the big baby. In the end, he made it back and then passed out in the sunshine all day. It’s hard to imagine ever loving another dog as much as I love McGrupp.

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by Pete Rome

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