Israel Defence Minister calls for mass expulsion all Palestinian citizens of Israel
The Palestine Project

He most certainly did not. He called for the complete opposite. He claims there is a large member of Israeli Sunna Arabs who feel uncomfortable with their Israeli identity. They term themselves Israeli-Palestinians. They mostly live in areas close to the green line. Areas donated to Israel by the Jordanians in 1949. There was no war; no conquest. They are not occupied or vanquished; simply given away by their Uma. For our part they can rejoin the Uma. We have many loyal Arab Israelis, Muslim , Christian, Bedouin and Druze serving loyally in the army. We really do not need or want someone who feels himself a Palestinian. 
When the Palestinians finally arrive at the table land swaps will take place. Liebermann proposes these areas, containing erstwhile wannabe Palestinians be just that — Palestinians. 
Just what is wrong with that? 
I realise the idea devalues the two core values in all things Palestinian — they are the perpetual victim and Israel is an eternal oppressor. Unfortunately, at least in this case, it is not so. 
Of course Liebermann’s proposal is hypothetical. The Sunna Palestinians are as capable of representing themselves and ruling themselves as are the Sunna in Syria, Iraq and Libya. But we do not mention that as it is very hard to find a sane reason how to blame Israel.