Orbis : As Simple as Honoring Satoshi’s Vision

Behind Orbis is a team of blockchain experts and developers who are laser-focused on one goal: to create an ecosystem that will honor the original vision of Bitcoin creation.

If you’re going check Satoshi Nakamoto’s bitcoin, you’ll notice that it’s rooted on a vision of purely peer-to-peer electronic cash. The Bitcoin creator is one of the first few people who believed that there is a better way to make payment and that societies cannot thrive with fiat money forever.

Ten years after Bitcoin was created and despite the massive growth, excitement ant hype, Bitcoin is still doubted by many. Still, it was unable to gain momentum and has yet to put any significant use in commerce and industries. Experts say that it’s the main reason why there’s so much volatility in cryptocurrency market.

We’ve heard tons of uplifting words from start-up creators, blockchain developers and the cryptocurrency community in general, one fact remains the same….crypto is still currently too difficult to use and many people still find it too risky. We all dream of achieving mainstream crypto adoption but if we won’t be able to solve these problems, we might need to wait a little longer.

The people behind Orbis believe that it’s possible to launch a security token which is faster, cheaper and highly able to handle complex transactions. Honestly speaking, there are other projects out there that have already launched their own versions. However, only few focus on how to make crypto easier, safer and more comfortable for people to use. This is what makes Orbis unique. We understand the technology but we also understand the people who’ll use it.

ORBS coin is not just a coin built on latest blockchain technology, it’s also something designed to be used by ordinary people all over the world. Just imagine being able to tap people in the street and show them what it’s like to send and receive cryptocurrency to crypto addresses. At the end of the day, it’s all about awareness. People need to be aware that something this huge is happening and that there’s an opportunity for all of us to escape traditional financial economy that brings nothing but inflation and turmoil.

Orbis team won’t necessarily go the street and tap people. Instead, we will use AI technology and build Orbis Local branches in key areas, cities and even rural areas in Africa. This simple ATM machine can help anyone send ORBS and other coins to other wallet addresses. It will be designed in such a way that it can easily be understood even by people of low educational background. Our vision is very simple…to bring crypto to the poorest places and help crypto achieve mass adoption.