Four Major Angels In Islam

This article help you knowing, what are Angels and their duty in our daily routine. Four Major Angles In Islam and their duties assigned by GOD (Allah). These beings created by GOD (Allah) to help human in many different ways. Some are powerful, bigger than us (human being), popular, leader, chief. Some angels follow order assigned by their top-level angels. In my experience and knowledge. Angels work as team, they work together, like we (human) do work as team. These spiritual beings created by GOD (Allah), to help us in many different ways, for example; Angel Michael is assigned to pour rain for our crops to eat, sell etc. Angel Gabriel is assigned to deliver revelations to Prophets, Messengers.

If we notice, GOD (Allah) first sent down Angel Gabriel to our Prophets, then assigned Michael to help us here at Earth. Everyone live, everyone dies. Angel Azrael (Angel Of Death) is assigned to cast out human souls, and at the end, Angel Israfel is pointed to blow trumpet on Judgement Day. GOD (Allah) chosen this 4 digit same as for our Prophets, 4 Holy Books assigned to them. Furthermore;

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