How social psychology can benefit your social media marketing?

Humans use their emotional faculties a lot more than reasoning when making a purchase decision, according to conclusive research evidence. This has led to the study of human psychology by marketing personnel in order to outsmart the competition and gain heightened customer appreciation. Today with social media surge, understanding the core aspects of human emotion is more important than ever. Some simple methodologies in this direction when deployed rightly can make the audience more receptive and decisively work wonders for business enterprises anywhere.

Today social media is the new kid on the block and digital marketers are leaving no stone unturned in their quest to win over the audience on social channels. Here are some customer psychological traits that you can effectively benefit from and make your social media marketing go from good to great in no time.

Associational tendencies:

People have varied emotions; they might have had a certain experience with a certain product which has led them to perceive it in a certain way. Once these tendencies are strongly etched in their minds over time it is a herculean task to undo it in any possible way. Thus it pays to create a good mental picture about your product in the first place. A lot of emotions come into the picture every time they come across a product that they have already experienced in the past.

Thus everything related to your product has a profound impact on how it gets placed in the customers’ minds. What is the image that you use in your Facebook post, what is the text that accompanies it, and such other aspects. Your product inevitably gets linked to the image that you use, the emotion behind the text copy that you include, compelling the customers to create a mental picture. Thus your social media marketing can help to create a favourable perception so that the customers can respond positively.

Peer recommendations:

Everybody responds to a product advertised to them in a positive manner if it is already recommended to them by their peers. Peer recommendation is a powerful motivator to act since we already know and trust that person who has sent us a recommendation. It is social proof for any business and no brand worth its salt can take the power of this attribute lightly anymore thanks to the viral nature of social networking sites.

Allow your customers to freely engage with your brand; let them voice their concerns, add reviews and comments on your Facebook page and so on. All this allows for active user participation to further strengthen the brand’s image with the upshot of increased sales and revenues.

Need for a strong hook:

Give a compelling reason for your customers to act on your call-to-action now. Think like your customers and ask questions like they would to you. Highlight your USP in a bold manner so that it is easy to grasp and take action. If it is the price advantage that you want to your customers to act on then have your prices in bold; if you are throwing in some irresistible freebies then let the customers know about it at the very outset.

It is all about making the customers feel at home. Remember nobody wants anything to be sold to them. But if it can make their lives better, simpler or solve certain specific problems then that is an enough reason to get your customers hooked to your product anytime.

It’s all about them, not you:

It doesn’t matter how good your product is or how great your technology is, but unless and until the customers cannot relate to it, there is no point in selling it. It doesn’t matter how technology works for you but it is all about how it can create magic to your customers that you need to convey at all times. Nobody wants to be burdened with facts and figures that anyway do not mean anything to them, but the end result.

Speak in a simple language that is free from any jargon. Simplicity is a powerful motivator and people take cognizance of it at all times. For instance, if you are selling an app that lets customers book cabs effortlessly, you don’t have to talk about advanced analytics that you will be deploying along with incorporation of real-time traffic movement and congestions in order to zero in on the cab that can be hailed in the shortest interval of time. All you have to do is have a bold headline that snugly sits on your Facebook page conveying the message in no uncertain terms that customers can get a cab in the shortest interval of time at their location, no matter what.

All these customer psychological predilections can make the jobs of social media marketing personnel much easier and help to further the influence of a brand digitally in a world where it is getting increasingly hard to gain the undivided attention of a customer even for a moment.