What is Agile Marketing?

Agile is the way to go for marketers in today’s world. The explosion of social media changed the status quo in the field of marketing a long time ago. There is no more luxury of waiting for the right opportunity to deploy your marketing campaigns. Successful brands do not wait but create increased opportunities to reach out to their target audience on a regular basis. This is the main purport of agile marketing. Due to this legacy marketing agencies are coming up against some very harsh realities. Today your customers want a more rewarding experience and they are not the ones to wait. Your brand better give them what they want or risk being relegated to oblivion in no time.

Digital marketers have to be present on multiple channels simultaneously in order to ensure they are visible to the customers so that they can convincingly drive home their point. It is the age of swift marketing where creative minds have to work on the fly and have to be agile enough to do course correction midway, anytime.

Today’s marketing campaigns are unlike those of yore. Marketers have to concentrate more on iterative projects that deliver a higher degree of relevance and provide heightened responsiveness. It is the age of instant gratification and agile marketing is the way for progressive brands to grab the attention of their customers in an attention deficit economy.

Agile marketing is about being quick and thinking on your feet. It’s the ability to react to some news or development in the quickest possible way. It might sound simple, though it is anything but. Agile marketing agencies need to develop a culture where old ways of thinking have to be abandoned right away. It’s about being more data-driven, prioritizing what is important, having extreme customer-centricity and making decisions on the go. For this the culture of the organization has to be revamped and a forward thinking way has to be engrained into each process of the enterprise. There cannot be any room for confusion or ignorance. Campaigns have to be flexible, focused, relevant, and valuable to the customer all at the same time.

What is the driving force behind agile marketing?

Four things immediately come to the mind when we think of why agile marketing is the new buzzword in today’s highly competitive world.

· It’s an always-on world

· Everybody’s connected

· There’s data everywhere

· Competition is unforgiving

For enterprises wanting to make a transition to the agile world they have to bring about some pressing changes. Data has to be respected and be at the core of all decisions. It needs the collective effort of the whole organization to come up with path-breaking ideas. Status quo has to be challenged at every step and brands have to be more experimental and ready to change without displaying any signs of inertia. This thought has to be precisely and explicitly expressed to all the team members of the organization.

The benefits of agile marketing can be manifold. It improves the overall business performance and that is good news for enterprises tired of being stuck in the rut everywhere. There is higher contribution from all the stakeholders which means more ideas come from unexpected quarters giving impetus to higher growth. The customers are elated thanks to brands focusing all their energy on what the customer needs and are delivering them at a moment’s notice.

But there are definitely certain guidelines that companies have to follow in order to successfully deploy agile marketing. The data is the crux of all marketing endeavours and it has to be real-time data to make much more impactful. This leads to campaigns that are clearly focused and deliver on the promise of providing instant customer delight. A Scrum framework has to be followed which makes it easy to tailor-make marketing efforts as per changing customer needs. Scrum provides the much needed impetus to being highly agile and reacting fast enough to rising customer needs.

Agile marketing is arguably the way forward for ambitious brands regardless of their size and market share. It’s a way of thinking that is slowly but surely gaining mass acceptance. The brands that realize this faster and act upon it will be the assured winners of tomorrow in a business landscape that is fast becoming more challenging and demanding with every passing day.

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