Fearful of making the “wrong choice,” we become debilitated by internal debate, whether making big life decisions or small daily ones. As my friends can attest, it takes me 30 minutes to order off a dinner menu. Will the grilled trout or the roast lamb tantalize my tastebuds the most?
Choice- Make One and Don’t Look Back.
Heidi K. Isern

I have rarely encountered a piece more reflective of privilege than this one. You, and your reader, are fortunate to fret so much over “wrong choices” when so many people have a choice of lesser evils or no choice at all. I rarely point out privilege, but this is nothing but a reflection of someone who lives in such a position making a lot of hay over trivialities. The rest of us just get on with life because we don’t have the luxury of fretting over travel or a better position at work or which expensive meal out will be more enjoyable.

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