Do you see science professors getting on their feed saying “Chris has 2 kids and is about to finish his thesis on string theory, what’s your excuse?” You don’t, because they’re not raging douches with an inflated sense of how important their pursuit is to mankind.
Fitness trainers, Instagram community, and other “wellness” people, we need to talk.
Pete Ross

I think that the reason people have to keep promoting themselves is that some part of them knows how small and unimportant what they are doing is. They have no real intrinsic sense of value and they are aware of the transient and highly limited nature of what they are accomplishing. If you know what you’re doing is only meaningful to you, but you have an existential need to do something of greater value, then you pretend it’s bigger than it is. After all, with so much time and effort invested in bodily improvement, there’s not time left to do anything for the rest of the world.

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