I think in general your point is valid, but we also have to look at the huge upturn in the number…
Alan Lewis

I think you can’t look at overall crime stats and reach conclusions. Look at the numbers for rural California communities and their crime stats since AB 109 and how they’ve gone up. A lot of the reduction in crime stats came from something that recently was addressed by Bill Clinton — incarcerating a huge number of black men who were committing crimes primarily in urban areas. Fear often follows a problem-often at a distance, not rides along its crest. It takes awhile for information (and disinformation) to spread and people likely didn’t react while things were ramping up or even hitting a peak. What you see is urban stats (and most Americans live in urban areas) which do not reflect a rural reality (where poor, white minorities live — the same type of people who think the NRA is doing what is in their best interest).

I have no interest in playing identity blaming games here and tagging this on any particular group with any particular characteristics. My only interest is in looking at the forces that shape toxic belief systems and how they can be addressed by carrying on an enriched dialog rather than engage in “othering” groups that disagree with my personal viewpoint (which is anti-gun). If you want to bash white Christian males, go ahead, but I have no interest in that.

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