15 Percent? 20 Percent? It Doesn’t Matter, Because Tipping Culture Is Fundamentally Broken
Haley Hamilton

I’m not certain at all that those working in food service hate the tipping culture as much as customers. Granted, it is an unreliable source of income, but it also tends to elevate wages for a menial (but difficult and exhausting) job far above what people would otherwise be paid with a static hourly wage. I’ve never heard anyone who was a waiter or waitress say that they made less per hour than they would like, though I’ve heard plenty complain about an isolated bad experience with cheap groups/customers in which they felt shorted.

Look at it this way… if I go to the local diner and get a meal for $10 and tip 20% (and all customers tend to pay as little as $2 as a tip) and my waitress has only 4 single customers meals in an hour, she’s already making more than minimum wage. Even in low-priced, low volume situations, tipping tends to elevate wages, and we don’t even get to the part where cash tips may be hidden from taxation. I actually think customers would much more prefer it disappear as a practice than those who rely on it to survive. If you don’t believe me, check Reddit’s threads on server stories.