The current rancorous discourse won’t stop from a flood of facts. It will take a tidal wave of empathy, of putting yourself in the other person’s shoes. Because there but for the grace of God go you.
The Tyranny of Facts: Being “Right” is Not Enough
Sean Blanda

I’ve been saying this to my fellow liberals for a long time and it falls on deaf ears. Part of the problem is that too much of a person’s identity in the U.S. comes from ideology rather than their intrinsic personality traits. Your view must be “right” because being “right” makes you a good person. Also, empathy is seen as tacit agreement.

The big problem is that “right” and “wrong” are concepts that operate from a place of certainty which doesn’t exist. There are very few issues that can’t look better or worse based on the perspective you happen to occupy. “Killing is wrong” seems like an easy “right” position until you start looking at circumstances. If it “wrong” if you are euthanizing someone who is suffering and wants to die and will die soon anyway? Is it “wrong” if doing so saves the lives of others? Life is complex and part of the problem with internet discourse is that it is reduced down to attention-span and comfortable reading/typing length bits. We don’t sit and talk. We type a sound bite and wait for the echo chamber to type “this” to validate our particular worldview.