I think the point that you’re trying to make is disingenuous.
Heather Wyatt

That’s a lot of inference about me based on a short statement, and a bit of nasty ad hominem to boot. I will ignore those parts as they are imagined and have nothing to do with who I am or my self-understanding.

“… can you help me to trust you through further conversation and understanding?”

Trust people who show up to not do or do what? If someone shows up at an activist event, the only thing you need to trust is that they are there for the same reasons that you are and that will be revealed soon enough. In fact, chances are that anyone who goes to the trouble of being in such a situation is already on your side. I think that believing a person’s intentions are untrustworthy based on nothing more than skin tone is at the heart of racism, not matter who is being doubted and what color they are.