How editorial content can help eCommerce companies?

You may have products that are needed to fulfil consumers needs, however, with competition increasing on a daily basis- not offering information that is required to influence their purchase decisions can hamper growth.

​Content marketing is here since quite a while now, however, the resources accepted by online shoppers have gone far beyond templates and email marketing campaigns.
 But the question, are you adapting content marketing methods that are being accepted by consumers over time.
 Editorial content an effective buzzword for seller in this year 2016
 Price can surely be one of the most important influencing factors to online shoppers; however, content is helping sellers to differentiate their brand and products from competitors across the web.
 What is editorial content?
 When I say content it does not limit to product descriptions but with the popularity of digital channels, content is now being offered in a way to educate consumers and not just offer them a bunch of selling ads. This can be known as an editorial content marketing effort.
 To make it easy for you, I have chosen few eCommerce brands that are performing excellent editorial content marketing strategies. 
 Let’s take a look at them:
 1. Product tutorial- To demonstrate the use of your product
 Beauty Bay, a beauty care brand started off with luxury fragrances and today includes skin care, makeup and hair care products too.
 What makes the brand innovative?
 This brand allows online consumers an ability to gain access to products tutorials that help them understand the correct choice of product by offering a demonstration of its usage.

Benefit to consumers: Online shoppers have multiple choices to make purchases; however, knowing about the usage of products in the most effective ways can help them enhance their purchases each time they shop online.
 What you can do?
 In 2015, the number of digital video users in The United States surpassed 200 million. Considering this, adopting product tutorial strategy can help you present multiple usages of your products and increase awareness among potential consumers.
 Tip: You can individually showcase usage for each, or even offer a mixture of product video tutorials.
 2. Digital magazine- To increase trust
 Net-A-Porter, the world’s premium luxury fashion destination offers product categories that include bags, jewelry, and lingerie.
 What makes the brand innovative?
 This brand makes it easy for online consumers to stay updated with the latest products in the fashion world, as well as, gain access to innovative inspirations for enhancing their style-quotient and purchase decision with time.

Benefit to consumers: Allowing digital edition of knowledge-resource (magazine) via a mobile app can eliminate consumers to switch over multiple sites across the web.
 What you can do?
 Potential consumers won’t mind sticking with a brand if it allows them to do so. Having consumers an ability to be updated with the latest styles and trends via their smartphones can help them ensure they are able to access information on-the-go.
 Tip: Offering a magazine app can be effective; however, ensuring your blog page is mobile optimized can help you frequently convert potential audience to regular visitors and shoppers too.
 3. Customer clicks- To engage consumers
 Free People, a part of Urban Outfitters offers apparel and lifestyle accessories that include intimates and swimwear too.
 What makes the brand innovative?
 This brand allows online consumers to get creative and showcase their own style using Free People clothing and products. It’s FP Me profile is allowing fashionistas multiple opportunities to become famous for their classy styles and trends.

Benefit to consumers: Helping consumers to be a part of a brand mixed with some fun will automatically encourage more and more people to participate and gain popularity in their online networks. 
 What you can do?
 Be it your social media business account, or, your online selling website, encouraging consumers to be associated with your brand, for example allowing them to share a photo of themselves posing with your products, will help you create a buzz among other fashionistas in the online world.
 Tip: Announcing a free gift for every image shared by your consumers, can result to better participants.
 4. User-generated reviews- To enhance purchase decisions
 Stitch Fix, a personal styling service allows consumers to style and receive their clothing and accessories as per their requirements.
 What makes the brand innovative?
 This brand itself is an innovative eCommerce business idea, additionally; by displaying user-generated customer review surely is an add-on for consumer’s purchase decision.

Benefit to consumers: Shopping online, especially fashion and lifestyle products can be tricky if consumers are not offered with some trust marks. And, direct voice of consumers who have already used the product can give you an opportunity to refrain a consumer from taking a second thought.
 What you can do?
 Extracting reviews from your repeat customers can be effective rather than targeting all blindly. Therefore, by using contact management software and analyzing your customer’s shopping behaviour, keep posting direct-voice of customers on your selling site and social media platforms too.
 Tip: Adding visuals to your customer’s reviews can create an excellent impact in consumer’s mind while taking 
 Wrapping up
 With the above, whichever way you go, the kind of content you offer will determine the bonding with online consumers by offering them materials they would like and reflect their ever-changing lifestyles and interests.

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