Necklaces are the first jewellery that is gifted to Indian children. Chains are gifted to newborn children by their doting grandparents & relatives. This custom continues for boy children while girls start receiving earrings after their ears are pierced. Necklace lengths range from close to the neck or ‘choker’ style to ‘lariat’ length chains that reach to the waist. Indian brides usually wear several lengths of necklaces during their weddings to show that their parents have showered them with enough.

What are the different lengths of chains that can be worn as daily style? It’s very helpful to know the lengths of necklaces, while wearing different neckline styles with them. A stylist may advise you to wear a choker necklace with a turtleneck blouse or a lariat length necklace with a halter necked blouse. It helps to know what fashion models & designers are referring to, when you shop your ensembles.

Choker Necklaces

Worn close to the neck or around the neck, these necklaces are usually 14 inches in length. Collar length necklaces are even shorter at 12”- 13”. These are great for wearing with boat necklines or off- the- shoulder & strapless outfits.

Princess Necklaces

The most common type of necklaces — they come as sets when you buy earrings online. They’re commonly 17”- 19” in length & feature delicate pendants. The necklace length rests on the collar bone & is visible through formals shirt collars & outfits. Women prefer them as they’re less ostentatious & can be worn with decent 1cm or 2cm pendants.

Matinee Necklaces

These necklace chains are 20” — 24” in length & lie just below the collar- bone, depending upon a woman’s neck size, they could even reach up to slightly above the bust. Very young girls wear matinee length chains as statement necklaces with huge pendants. Some like the White Zircon Studded Necklace look like diamonds on white are perfect accessories & don’t need earrings to complement them.

Opera Necklaces

At 28”- 34” long, they’re dramatic & can be worn as a single strand or looped twice around the neck, forming a 2- row necklace for dramatic effect. Long Italian Necklace with Mermaid Purple Pendants the perfect example of opera necklaces that look great when worn with chic eveningwear.

Rope & Lariat Necklaces

Mostly seen in natural pearl ropes, these can be looped to form 3 or 4 rows necklace chains, giving the illusion stacked necklaces. A Tri Color Necklace can also give the illusion of 3 to 4 rows of chains & is great when you want to give the impression of wearing several chains but don’t have varying lengths.

A Long Italian Necklace with Mermaid White Pendant is a great accent for embroidered salwar suits & dressy knee- length outfits. Choose your necklaces according to the occasion. The general rule of thumb is that longer & heavier necklaces are worn for festive & party occasions. More practical necklace length like the princess is every day wear.

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