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Color of the Wall Clock: Decide on the color of the clock based on your personal choice or the home decor theme. If your home décor theme is dark brown wooden, then going for a wall clock which has similar color would enhance the look. It doesn’t necessarily mean go only for wooden; you can go for other material also. Selecting a clock with black dial makes it difficult to see the number in dim light.

Numbering Style and Size: Numbering style could be of numeric numbering or Roman numbering or without numbering. Think twice before going for a non-numbered clock as lot of people find it difficult to check the time. Go for the roman numbering if you want to exclusive antique look style. Some wall clocks also comes with the seconds number (5,10,15…). Another factor you need to take care is that having bigger font numbers help in checking the time from a distance clearly especially if there are people with weak eye sight.

Wall Clock Theme and Look: Wall Clock theme and look also matter as it depends whether you are going for a modern look clock, Antique look clock, Designer clock or any type will work for you. If your home or shop has got a techie look then go for a digital clock. For selecting a clock for kid’s room go for the clocks which have kids relate design like cartoon, Cars etc.

Size of the Wall Clock: One important aspect for buying Wall clocks online is to know what size you are looking for. Size of the Wall clock should be appropriate so that you are able to view it properly. You need to understand the size mentioned in the Wall clock listing. If it says Dial size of 8 inch it means 8 inch diameter of the dial where numbers are present. Diameter means from the size from the left end of the dial to the right end. Please check the size mentioned and check it before ordering if you do not have a fair idea using scale inch tape etc. If the wall clock is not round in shape then size is usually given in both height and width.