Why I made my first JQuery Plugin

Plugins are to me one of the best things that ever happened to web development, obviously because you get to use new features that the manufacturers didn’t think developers would need.

This week while working on a project, I needed to use a ‘multiple-select’ box that would be populated dynamically based on the users interaction with it. Now before I started, I kinda said to myself

Ore this should be easy, shouldn’t take you more than an hour tops to implement.
I was quickly humbled 😭

Now the hard part wasn’t populating the select boxes or finding a ‘good’ JQuery plugin. I found two really good plugins ( chosen and select2 ) but I couldn’t use them because, when the way their plugins were made, when the select boxes are updated, you lose all the options selected earlier.

After spending hours trying to read code for the plugins and then tweak it to what I wanted, I finally realized that this time around, if I wanted this feature, I had to get it done myself. So I went to the lab and started brewing and after a couple of hours, I was able to make my own selector that did everything I needed it to do.

I had everything working and I kinda thought to myself , “lemme bless the next guy ” that would need a select plugin with such features. So I created a GitHub repository — gracefully named it “super_select” — and put it on there for whoever needs it in the future. It’s free to use and if you see anything you’ll like to add to it, feel free to fork it and make a pull request when you’re done ;)

Super Select

Here’s a link to the GitHub repo -> super_select git repo and if you just want to test it out, head over here ->super_select demo.

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