Bye, bye Adobe.
rami james

You are lucky to get away with 1/2 hour. I tried calling to cancel my CC subscription and to change to the $10 Photography subscription. I was routed to three different people with long waits between (we don’t do Macs) (we don’t do cancellations) (we can’t help you here) before connecting with someone who could help and being told that I owed a$100+ cancellation fee because the second year of my subscription was not up for a month and a half. I asked for the fee to be waived and after a long wait on hold and speaking to a supervisor, I was finally allowed to cancel CC and sign up for Photography. Dang I wish I could say goodbye forever. I figure I have spent ten hours plus of frustrating phone calls with Adobe over the years. No other company achieves the heights of arogance Adobe does.

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