Bang!!! Cometh the hour 00:00 Jan 1 st 2017 , cometh the year 2017 with all it had and it definitely brought it and more.

2017 opened up with the hustle and bustle of my Service year. Now Your Suffering Continues(NYsC) and my PPA wasn’t the best for me, well in my opinion(entitlement mentality 🙄🙄). I took on NySC with sadness, and by God I just wanted it to end. To much disappointment I ended up enjoying the little one year and it flew by like a breeeze.

Shoutout to my men Odj, Mr Afo ,Tola for the girls and my Nysc wife. Chidinma Asiegbu for getting me through even if I was stubborn.

In life , even with all the downs there is always definitely that sparkle of life and the glimpse of enjoyment albeit for a while and 2017 wasn’t short of those glimpses.

One of such Highlights was the Venture in Management Programme(VIMP), where I not only got the chance to Grace her loveliness the Lagos Business School but I got to rub minds with 50 of the best minds Nigeria had to offer for a whole week. Wow just Wow and few months later I graced her majesty LBs once again and it wasn’t a time lost.

As life hands you downs, your decision to get the best out of it is for your good and in 2017 I indeed learnt lessons I would hold onto for a while; I learnt that no one owes you anything not even your parents 😊.

I realized how much it hurts to fail, and trust me I did some job aptitude tests and well 🤐, we all know how competitive those streets are.

I learnt that God is my maker , He loves us in immeasurable ways and being closer to God is indeed the best way to Go.

2017 wouldn’t definitely be complete without thanking God for the life of Kenneth Ifeanyi, who in his love for God and humanity set up New Testament Group. Although I must admit I have been lazy, it’s been the most I have looked at my bible for a long time.

Shoutout goes to the platform Nigeria , for Young Professionals Bootcamp, it was indeed a mind changing experience.God bless you guys.

As the year comes to a close , I want to give myself and everyone who would read this a word from my Bible 😊.

Zeph 3:20(MSG).

Have a wondrously Prosperous 2018!!


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