Three Interesting Colleagues I have Met In Andela Bootcamp XXVII

Relationships as they say either make or breaks us. And we are a summation of every relationship we have ever had — no matter how brief.

The first day of Andela bootcamp was the day all bootcampers met for the first time. The bootcamp is very fast-paced, and the experience would only be more exhausting if other campers aren’t available.

The first bootcamper I met was Seun Somefun. We had entered into the Andela building together on the day of the interview. He is a very homely person and very passionate about learning. On further talks, I discovered we finished from the same university — Federal University of Technology Akure (FUTA).

I also met Akhere Paul during the interview into the Andela fellowship. We then became teammates during the bootcamp. He is goal oriented, resourceful and would always give an helping hand as at when due.

I was really stunned by Aminu Barade’s website template and I just was willing to learn how he created it. It’s been great having him on the same team during the bootcamp. He is an adherent follower of software developers in Nigeria and beyond.

On the whole, every bootcamper has been really helpful as they all serve as a support system, in turn helping each other to bring out the best.

#Bootcamp XXVII Day 3.

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