What’s so special about the Iggy toys?

My mom has handmade at least 150 of these for me.

If you’re familiar with the Inkapus.com site, you know that from time to time, you’ll see the cute little crocheted Inkapus toys. I personally LOVE them. Not only because they are adorable, but because they are special.

My mother has always made things — for as long as I can remember. When I was little and my parents were struggling financially to put my dad through school, my mother would sew my clothes and many of my toys by hand. So, despite our struggles, I always looked adorable and I had all the fun things — Raggedy Ann dolls with clothing options, sock monkeys, stuffed animals, Halloween costumes, hand-embroidered pillowslips with my name and on and on. She also masterfully decorated all my birthday cakes. And my mom didn’t just make these things, but she did them beautifully. She looks back on those times as sad because of their financial woes, but all I can remember is how I always had the best of everything.

My appreciation for my mother’s talents only grew as I became a mother. I tried to make things like she did…and did a terrible job! I managed, but nothing I did could compare. Not to mention her talent across mediums — she cross-stitches, knits, crochets, makes stained glass pieces, and is a wonderful cook. I am horrible at just about all of those things. Fortunately for my kids, my mother saved the day with wonderful handmade gifts that actually looked like what they were meant to.

Even today she manages to make things for her grown kids and grandchildren. And for us, we know that they are more than just beautiful things — they are gifts of love from my mother’s heart. It has always been her way of showing us how much she cares.

As I was putting the Iggy books together, my mom offered to make the inkapus toys. While I couldn’t think of a better way to bless the launch of my books than with handmade toys from my mother, I thought it was asking too much. But she was excited to give it a try — so, I asked her to just make a few. Of course my mom has never been about doing the bare minimum. She throws her heart and shoulder into everything she does. My first batch contained 60 inkapus toys! They quickly sold and I thought that was the end of the line for the Inkapus toys. Then, today, she surprised me with 70 new toys! My mother is truly amazing.

I don’t know how many more of the toys she’ll make, if ever again, but in the meantime enjoy. And, instead of seeing them as simply toys, I hope you see them as I do — special gifts of love from my mother to you.