When looking for professional lice treatment clinic options in the San Diego area (including surrounding areas like; La Jolla, Del Mar, Solana Beach, Encinitas, Rancho Santa Fe, Carlsbad, Mission Valley, Mira Mesa, Chula Vista & Pacific Beach), one often has to travel far afoot in one direction or another. There has been nothing that is convenient for everyone in San Diego County, that is of course until now.

With the opening of their latest location, Organic Lice Guru is providing safe, affordable, totally organic lice removal services to all residents of sunny San Diego. …

With many of the brightest minds, best restaurants and most open-minded citizens in the world, San Francisco has long been ahead of the curve when it comes to choosing organic products. However, the lice treatment industry has been stuck in the stone age for a long time, often providing poisonous pesticides to “cure” a relatively benign bug. This backwards thinking has thankfully been brought to light, and Organic Lice Guru is ushering in an organic-era in San Francisco lice removal. Lice treatment in San Francisco will never be the same!

Serving the entire San Francisco Bay Area, for more info call: (415) 413–7253

The San Ramon/Danville/Pleasanton area is long known as a lovely place to live with an affluent community and beautiful landscapes to enjoy. But until Organic Lice Guru’s recent addition of a mobile lice service in the area, there has been a shortage of lice removal San Ramon businesses that residents of the surrounding communities of lice treatment Danville, Pleasanton, Blackhawk, Dublin and more can take advantage of. Luckily for you, resident of the area, this new option for “lice treatment near you” is the best around!

Organic Lice Guru is recognized as the leading organic lice treatment option in California…

The San Diego Lice Removal experts, Organic Lice Guru, proudly announce their Yelp award.

With a steady stream of 5-Star reviews in 2017, Organic Lice Guru has become the go-to lice treatment option for San Diego parents wanting a gentle, all-natural alternative to potentially harmful OTC kits or harsh heat-based treatments which can damage the hair.

“Customer-service is what we are focused on, treating people like we would want to be treated” says co-founder Jessica Hart. Adds her husband and business-partner, Miguel Hart; “People come to us at a vulnerable time, and it’s our responsibility to treat them with compassion and understanding.” This family-owned business is showing why the age-old adage of “do unto…

Organic Lice Guru is the best natural lice removal service choice in San Diego, CA. We provide organic head lice treatment and “head checks” right in your Pacific Beach home or in our comfortable and serene lice treatment salon, just blocks from the beach. We also provide mobile lice removal for Solana Beach, Cardiff, Encinitas, Carlsbad, Del Mar, Carmel Valley, La Jolla, San Diego & all surrounding areas. Our in-home nitpicking service is convenient and relaxing, we’ll come to you and eradicate your lice infestation in the comfort of your home.

For More Info Call: (858) 356–2686

​Head lice is a worldwide problem and treatments vary from country to country. Unfortunately many of the treatments implemented across the globe involve harmful chemicals. For instance, in Iraq, a parent might douse their child’s hair in kerosene or gasoline to kill lice since both are effective (albeit highly hazardous to child) and often easier to acquire in their oil-producing nation than a pesticide-based shampoo or high quality lice comb. Just like many of you reading now, the thought of dousing a child’s head in gas is ludicrous to me! However, I did some research and learned that gasoline was…

Organic Lice Guru

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