I have never been to Christchurch. I am, however, a part of Christ’s church.

I have never been to Christchurch. I am, however, a part of Christ’s church.

As of this writing, we have lost 49 brothers and sisters. There are also 48 others who are wounded. The terrorist was a man who could be described as looking like me, about my age, and speaking my language. Sadly, he wrote a 74 page manifesto and broadcasted the shooting live. Now, Muslims in New Zealand are being told to be on “high alert.” I cannot even fathom this hatred.

I have never been to Christchurch, but I did see Christ’s church today. I saw it in the saving acts of first responders and neighbors in Christchurch. I see it in the hands of doctors and nurses who are seeking to save the lives of our brothers and sisters. I see it in untold stories thousands of miles away.

I believe that Christ’s church is a movement for wholeness in a fragmented world that seeks to create a world where nobody has to be on “high alert” when they seek to do the most peaceful thing — pray.

I see the embodiment of all that is sacred in my conversations with interfaith leaders in Colorado Springs as we seek to respond to, sadly, another mass murder of people as they seek to pray.

I am a part of Christ’s church. I seek to follow in the footsteps of Jesus who stood with those were persecuted, outcasted, bullied, and told to be on “high alert” because of who they were. May all of Christ’s church, including those who look like me, who are about my age, and speak my language, work for wholeness in a fragmented world.

Jonathan Hall is the Senior Pastor at First Christian Church, Colorado Springs. You can email him at SeniorPastor@FirstChristianCOS.org and find him on various social platforms as JonathanBHall.