The hopelessness of a hopeless man in a hopeless situation.

Why is this man hopeless? Well… maybe he doesn’t have very much to live for. Maybe his life isn’t quite as good as it could have been.

Maybe he doesn’t see the good in himself the way other people do. Maybe his self esteem is very low.

This guy has problems being around people in person if there’s a crowd, or if there are many people that are unknown to him.

He has been trying to to something to change this though. He registered a user on Twitch. There are communities on Twitch that makes him feel safe. He feels comfortable in chats where he can stay in the background. Then there’s this One community that makes him kind of come out of his shell. In this community he feels respected and well liked. In this community he can talk about things he loves and feels strongly for. He likes other people in this community too. The leader of this particular Twitch community, the Twitch streamer, is a charismatic guy who spreads positivity in everything he does. The hopeless man feels he is much respected by this streamer and he definitely respects this streamer very much.

Being in these sorts of communities has prompted the hopeless man to try to do some streaming for himself on Twitch. This is a very big step for him because he really doesn’t feel comfortable being in front of a webcamera — nevertheless he has tried this and he was proud when he got through a couple of streams with being on camera.

The hopeless man doesn’t feel that hopeless all of the time, so maybe he isn’t as hopeless as he thinks?

Regardless, he thanks everybody that has helped him — and is still helping him- in not feeling hopeless anymore.

Thank you for reading

Ole Roar Husby

rhesus74 on Twitter / orhusby on Twitch