TTRPG Marketing Q&A

How to Begin

  • Age (Does your game have an age restriction)
  • Location (Is your game available in a limited area? Is there a con you’re attending and you want to catch attendees in the area at that time? You can narrow it down to within a few miles.)
  • Interest — Twitter and Facebook both have options to target by interest, so you know you’re only talking to people who care about your product.
  • Follows — Twitter enables you to target the audience of specific accounts with its Tailored Audience feature. So compiling a list of influencers in the industry and inputting them into your audience creator means you can talk to audiences already engaged in the industry more specifically, and get those followers you covet.
  • Email address — if you have a mailing list and you have consent for social marketing built into your sign up you may be able to use it for social media marketing too. Facebook feature an audience creator, which enables you to input your email list and target them on the platform too. Twitter’s Tailored Audiences feature performs a similar function.
  • Lookalike — Facebook also enables you to create an audience demographically similar to your existing audience, but who haven’t engaged with your page yet. This is yet another way to reach an audience more likely to be interested in what you have to say than the average user.

Establishing an Audience


Marketing Campaigns

  • Social media: Low cost- can be free — wide potential reach, it’s in your pocket all of the time. Potential to reach influencers and international audiences. With even a small budget you can reach an incredibly specific audience.
  • Newsletter: If you’ve built an interested following, this can be a really low-cost option and you have an audience you know is engaged. This can be invaluable for feedback and playtesting when the time comes.
  • Cons: The most expensive option, but a great way to network. If you’ve build a good standing in the community, there’s a good chance you can meet some of those folks and get feedback, and maybe even get them to play a post about your game. Being active in the con hashtag is also a fleeting but powerful opportunity to increase reach on your promotional posts. Offering a discount to folks in that hashtag is also a great idea and gives a feeling of exclusivity and reward.
  • Figure out who your community is by sending out an email blast to your community asking to follow you on Twitter & Facebook
  • Get a Discord set up
  • Stay connected by following them back on social media
  • Re-engage your audience every time you have a new release for your game (alpha to closed beta, closed beta to open beta, and eventual live release)
  • What is the RPG called? (Space Race RPG)
  • Does this RPG resemble two other RPGs? (it’s like Star Wars meets Mad Maxx)
  • What does the RPG enable players to do? (play criminals on entertainment television who race for cash and their freedom)
  • What is different about this book from other RPG? (This RPG has flying car combat with easy to use rules)
  • What kind of role-players would like this RPG? (if you like sci-fi and racing video games, this RPG is for you).
  • What is the final statement you’d make about the RPG (Welcome to Space Race RPG, where death is but a tailspin away and freedom can be earned at full throttle!)
  • how many people is it for
  • how long does it take to play
  • what type of game is it
  • Has anybody said anything really great about it




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