An angry Stoic!

Today I am angry, I am frustrated, I have tried to recenter myself, and get a hold of my anger, but to no avail.

I am usually quite good at controlling the flow of emotion that I would experience, but today I feel that so many unfortunate events have piled up, and a straw broke the camels back as it were.

I am not sharing this because I want anyone to care, but to show that those of you who know me, work with me, are my friend or family member, that I do get angry. I do get upset. Usually I deal with it quickly and take away what I need to from the experience, but today I am just cross.

The details are not important, safe to say that I just feel like whatever could have gone wrong to make a situation all the more inconvenient it certainly did.

So today, despite my best efforts I am angry. I will process it, and be centered again at some point, but as of now. I am letting the emotion instead of my reason take control.

One love and God bless you all.