The Great Deceit

How could you? How could you ruin the one thing that always brought joy to me? This was the one thing that I could count on to bring me happiness in times of crisis. No matter how tough the situation was, this always managed to make me laugh. But you. You had to turn it into the most unpleasant situation I have dealt with in years. How could you mom. How could you just silently rip out the stinkiest you have ever let out and not tell us. Instead, you allowed us to just sit there silently, on our way back home. You knew we wouldn’t knowledge a thing in fear of making someone uncomfortable. What made things worse, was you did not claim it as your but allowed the unjust judicial system to apply the law of whoever smelt it dealt it. I won’t say I was the first to smelt it but was the first to roll down their window. I tried to hold off, I really did but it was too unbearable. And because of that, because of you not owning up to your own shit, I was wrongfully labeled the culprit. But you know as well as I do that it couldn’t possibly be mine. Especially since I can’t help but laugh every time I let one out.

p.s. this is my shitty first draft