The person I love

Realizing you fucked up and now you’re kind of fucked.

I told the secret of the person I love to a person I thought I could trust. I thought this person loved the person I love as much as I did. They didn't. Now no apology can mend the wound and trust that I broke to the person I love.

There is no excuse for what I did but I didn't mean to hurt the person that I love. It did not stop there but I talked to the people I knew the person I love didn't like. I did not do it so the person I love to hurt or see it. I did it because I thought these people were good and helpful. They weren't. Now I'm stuck with no one to talk to and the thoughts of the person I love hurting.

I fucked up a lot along the way and I justified it by saying that the person I love hurt me too. The person I love did indeed hurt me,but I shouldn't have hurt the person I love.

I knew that I had put up with a lot but I am me and the person I love is the person I love. I am stronger and able to forgive when it comes to certain things, the person I love is weaker than I in my strengths. I should have been there. Now the person I love might never love me.

I want to be with the person I love but I know the person I love doesn't want anything to do with me. I love you, person I love. I hope to be able to love you freely and without restrictions one day but if I don't. You will still always be the person I love.

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