Talking About Death

When my grandpa was slowly dying of cancer. He was unable to open his eyes amd movement was too painful. My whole family was relunctant to accept the fact that there was nothing to do. He had stopping taking some pills for the cancer months ago and they were all upset about it. They thought he was being selfish and stupid for not holding on to life with every fiber of his body. I remember getting upset that they wanted him to live a long pain ridden life. They were angry at me for being okay with his decision. They judged me for not crying my eyes out when he died and for accepting everything prematurely.

People really do have a weird obsession with life. They refuse accept the fact that death is both a blessing and a curse. So to speak. It makes me so uncomfortable that people want the ill and the old to live through all the pain. I dont know im rambling. Great piece. Couldnt agree more with your view on death

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