Ceramic Vs. Lingual Braces: Which One Might Be Right For You?

Nowadays there are so many effective ways to achieve straighter, healthier teeth and be confident in your smile. The field of orthodontics has come through leaps and bounds from the days where only traditional, bulky metal braces were available. Now there are a number of modern and much more discreet ways to guide teeth into their desired positions, allowing you to smile comfortably throughout treatment.

Ceramic and lingual braces are two of these advanced orthodontic options for straighter teeth. Although they work in a similar way to traditional braces, they can offer more effective and reliable results than clear aligners, whilst being much less noticeable than the metal alternative.

So, if you’ve always dreamt of attaining a perfectly formed smile but have put off orthodontic treatment at the thought of having to wear metal braces, here are the benefits of ceramic and lingual braces. However when considering orthodontic treatment it is always best to seek advice from your orthodontist, as they will be able to assess your teeth and mouth and offer the best treatment for your situation and goals.

What are ceramic braces?

Ceramic braces effectively offer the same solution as metal braces, however with a key difference. The brackets of the braces are made of a tooth-coloured or clear ceramic, making them much more subtle. Additionally the arch wires are thin and can be silver or white coloured to make them more aesthetically pleasing.

How can ceramic braces benefit me?

  • If you have more extreme irregularities of the teeth making other discreet options such as Invisalign unsuitable, ceramic braces are a great option which will still allow you to look good during treatment
  • The ceramic brackets do not stain over time so you won’t need to adjust your lifestyle habits
  • Because the brackets are made from composite materials, they won’t irritate the gums as much as traditional metal brackets
  • Ceramic braces come at a reasonable cost compared to the other subtle teeth straightening treatments

What are lingual braces?

Lingual braces again work in the same way as traditional ones, using brackets and metal wires to powerfully guide the teeth and align them. Lingual braces are the most discreet form of teeth straightening however, even more so than clear aligners. This is because the braces are fixed to the backs of the teeth, making them virtually invisible from the front.

How can lingual braces benefit me?

  • Like ceramic braces, lingual braces are extremely effective for more severe malocclusions
  • The metal brackets are custom-made to fit the individual shape of your teeth, so you won’t have excess bulk in your mouth
  • Because they are made bespoke, they can often offer faster and more predictable teeth straightening results
  • They are less likely than traditional braces to lead to problems such as decalcification and decay

In both cases it’s essential that you review these braces options with a professional orthodontist, as they’ll be able to assess whether they can give you the results you desire. Oldham Orthodontics is a dental practice offering a wide range of specialist teeth straightening treatment, including ceramic and lingual braces. We can offer you a free consultation if you’re considering the benefits of enhancing your smile. To book your appointment, simply give the Oldham practice a call today on 0161 6220987 or email info@oldhamorthodontics.co.uk.

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