Conversion rates in PrestaShop stores

ConversionPro — professional product conversion rater for PrestaShop Stores

For every business conversion rates are very important. Without definitive information about “how many customers see my product” vs “how many customers buy my product”, it is not possible to increase Your sales.

For to measure conversion of products in PrestaShop stores, we developed module with name ConversionPro.

How ConversionPro will help You?

ConversionPro lets You to see sale dynamics for several time intervals — one day, three days, weekly, monthly and all time conversion rate information of products, detect “weak” and strong products and improve marketing strategy.

ConversionPro lets You do all these works just in one click!

ConversionPro — professional product conversion rater for PrestaShop Stores
ConversionPro — professional product conversion rater for PrestaShop Stores

How can I migrate module’s data to my another PretaShop store?

Let’s assume that You have used our module in an old PrestaShop store and now You want to update Your shop or migrated data of the old store to a new PrestaShop store (with tools like MigrationPro: PrestaShop to PrestaShop module). In such situation for not to lose ConversionPro’s data in the old store, we have developed built-in tool in the module — with this tool You can migrate ConversionPro’s data from the old store to the new PrestaShop store just in one-click!

And ConversionPro is fully compatible with MigrationPro: PrestaShop to PrestaShop module. It means that if You used this module for migration then ConversionPro will keep old shop’s products’ data!

Smart design

It is very very easy and simple to install and use ConverionPro. You do not need programming skills for to work with our module — all operations can done just in 1 click!

Super features of ConversionPro

  • One-click installation
  • Accurately conversion (view/sell) measurements
  • Easily migrating module’s data from one store to another store in just one click
  • Easy usage
  • Error free module
  • Lightweight — module does not waste Your server’s power and it uses them smartly!
  • Compatible with MigrationPro: P2P module
  • View counting does not affect page loading speed and Your customers will not feel any speed changes

And also if You have suggestion for us or You need some new features, feel for free to contact us and let us know about Your needs.